Spiritual Counselling and Spiritual Healing are a potent combination for helping people to make sense of their lives and move forward.

Spiritual Counselling is a form of counselling which starts with the recognition that each one of us is, without exception, innocent or whole. At the core of our being resides the Self. Acknowledging this powerful truth brings depth and a new dimension to the power of words (and silence) to resolve difficulties, uplift, transform and heal.

Spiritual Counselling offers people a sacred place in which to discuss their lives and any problems they are facing. Talking from the heart and listening without judgment are powerful therapeutic tools for resolving difficulties and challenges. Spiritual counsellors bring to their work a clear spiritual understanding and a belief in the power of love to enable change.

Spiritual Counselling draws on conventional counselling practice: for example, deep listening, skilful questioning, respect for the client, clear boundaries and professional standards. It is not, though, tied to particular theoretical approaches. Rather, Spiritual Counsellors bring to their work a warmth and a down-to-earth understanding which embraces both the vulnerability and the resilience of the human spirit.

As a Spiritual Counsellor, I work with individuals, couples, families and non-family groups. I charge £40 for an individual session and £60 for a couple session. I operate a sliding scale for those who cannot afford my full rate.   Where it is not possible to meet in person, I offer counseling on the telephone.

You might like to visit my other website www.fromehealingpractice.co.uk for more information on Spiritual Counselling and Spiritual Healing.

I also offer

  • Spiritual Companionship and Spiritual Guidance as an alternative to counselling
  • Support around dying and after bereavement
  • Counselling on the telephone and skype where it is not possible to meet in person