Other ceremonies which we may wish to hold at some point in our lives include baby namings and baby blessings, coming of age ceremonies, healing ceremonies, house clearings and house blessings.

Namings and Baby Blessings
Not everyone wants to introduce a baby to a particular faith or religion. However they still want to mark the extraordinary significance of a new life and its impact on the parent(s) and the family. Baby namings and baby blessings give wide scope for celebrating and honouring the arrival of children into the world.

Coming of Age Ceremonies
The journey from childhood to adulthood takes in various milestones. Some are primarily biological and linked to puberty. Others have social significance as young people become more responsible and independent. Ceremonies and ritual can help young people grow and develop a clear sense of their own identity and self-value. They can also be fun.

Separation and Divorce
Where circumstances and feelings permit, a ceremony to acknowledge the end of a relationship can be just as important as one marking its start. With separation and divorce, for example, the more we resolve at the time, the freer we become to get on with our lives unencumbered by whatever happened, or didn’t happen, in the past.

Healing Ceremonies and House Clearings/Blessings
Ritual still has its place in modern Western life and this is particularly evident in clearing or blessing a house and in helping a person to move on in their life. Rituals carried out with integrity and good intention are powerful agents of change. In crystallising a moment of possible transformation, they enable it to happen.

It is hard to specify a fee as this depends on the time required to plan and hold the ceremony, where it takes place and the input expected from the celebrant. My fee for a ‘typical’ naming or blessing would be between £150 and £250 (excluding any travel or overnight accommodation expenses).