Universal Worship

Many people no longer feel comfortable or connected to existing established faiths. But they still yearn for something which gives them a sense of belonging and reminds them that there is a mystery to life which we may or may not call God. Worship re-connects us to that mystery and when it does, it enriches our lives and strengthens who we are.

With the help of others, I hold a monthly Universal Worship evening where all are welcome to come and find their connection with Oneness and Truth through simple devotional singing, prayer, readings, stories and meditation. In taking part, we bring the blessing of our presence and, in turn, we are blessed by the occasion.

These Universal Worship evenings follow a set format lasting just over an hour. Each evening has a theme around which the content is organised. For example, recent themes have been “fearlessness”, “beauty”, “journeys”, “wisdom” and “impermanence”. Universal Worship can take place wherever there is a suitable venue and a group of people who want to enjoy this kind of relaxed, inclusive worship where it doesn’t matter whether we all think the same way.

Currently, Universal Worship evenings take place on the second or third Tuesday in the month at East Woodlands Village Hall near Frome, BA11 5LQ or by request. They start at 7.45pm and finish at 9.00pm. Afterwards, everyone is invited to stay for tea, coffee or a fruit/herb tea.

If you are interested in bringing Universal Worship to where you live, please get in touch. All are welcome!
Universal Ceremony 26 Somerset Road, Frome, BA11 1HD    Tel: 01373 462606 & 07737 892891    Email:charles.fhp@blueyonder.co.uk